Hey beautiesl, Happy Monday! 

I know society tell us that being a “good mom”usually involves taking care of our babies, cooking healthy meals without high fructose, going to the park, giving baths, teaching “yes, please, thank you, etc.,” But now let me tell you what makes ME a really good mom. I am an awesome mom because I do what makes me happy. I am an amazing mom because I workout twice a week. I am an exceptional mom because I will get my nails done in 15 days. Most of all, I am a great mom because I have a drawer full of lingerie... Why? Pretty simple. I cannot be a good mom without taking care of myself. I want to show my best self to my son. My best self is for sure, not unhappy, exhausted, out of patience, or angry. My best self feels pretty, confident, and sexy. Yes ladies, moms can wear lingerie too. Yes, I am a sexy mommy. And so are you. If you have lost yourself in the last couple of months, years because you’ve been raising a child, then get out there and find yourself again... To be a good mother, I need to feel like a strong woman. For me, it involves lingerie.  It does not make me superficial. It actually empowers my body; that same body which carried my baby boy for 9 months. My drawer of lingerie is my secret superpower and ego boost. I think I deserve it.   Bonus: Your husband/ boyfriend/ whatever will like it too (HAHAHA) !                                                                                                 

I like to treat myself regularly... It doesn’t have to be much. It doesn’t have to be lavish. But it does have to be enough to make me feel like the queen that I am. Enough to celebrate the fact that I deserve to be celebrated for no reason at all. Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows her worth. Finding gorgeous lingerie definitely makes me feel good & sexy. Buy anything that makes you think “wow, I’m hot!”, actually you should say it loud. You may not end up wearing it anytime soon but girl get it all the same... 

Soon I will make a post how I got my body back Aka my healthy relationship with exercise/diet (some tips, secrets...) Stay tunned! xx

Sexy Lingerie: L´Amour Bralette, Lowrider Bikini & Suspender from Cosabella HEREHERE & HERE


Hi beauties, I'm taking a break from my "holiday blogging break" just to show you this AMHHHHAZING faux fur coat and also to say "Hi, Miss Leote is still alive" ( + a sneepeek at my new website). I got this faux fur coat from a Portuguese clothing brand named Sienna, and this coat was specially handmade for me. I am so happy it is mine!

As you may have noticed I'm starting the blog from zero because I "lost" all 5 years of MIss Leote content as well my old domain ( which is really sad... ) So later I'll make just a post about it with more details (+ big & good changes in my life). What matters now is that I do not depend on anyone for nothing, I can live life the way I want, be who I am, I can follow my old & new dreams, and the best of all is that I can write about everything I want (UHUHUH). Basically, Miss Leote will return to write about her fashionable life as she once did but left for personal reasons... See you all very soon!

Faux fur coat from Sienna HERE | Jeans from Loavies